Northern Ireland Fire and Security Employers Federation

The Northern Ireland Fire and Security Federation is a group of Fire and Security companies who have a genuine interest in improving our industry to benefit of our members, our staff and our customers.  


Our federation operates under the following terms of reference.


  1. To establish a Northern Ireland Federation for the Fire & Security industry;
  2. To appoint Office Bearers with the Chair-person post rotating every 24 months;
  3. To ensure a supply of engineers to the industry to meet future demand;
  4. To research qualification options to train new apprentices and accredit the skills of existing workers within the Fire & Security industry;
  5. To identify the relevant content for an apprenticeship framework;
  6. To engage with the Department for Economy (DfE) to fund a new apprenticeship framework post 2019;
  7. To identify the minimum standards required to accredit existing workers;
  8. To create a qualifications landscape which will facilitate the introduction of a Skills Card in due course.


We are located at:

Unit 24a Owen O'Cork Mill,

288 Beersbridge Road,



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